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Everyone knows that April showers bring May flowers, but they can also bring damaging flood conditions. Today’s heavy rain, combined with more precipitation in the forecast, means it’s time to take proactive steps to protect your property. Here are 4 quick tips you can use immediately to help minimize potential flood damage.   

Clear Gutters of Debris
Make sure all gutters are functioning, and clear of debris.

Make sure all downspouts are directed away from the home. To keep water from pooling, add downspout extensions to direct water flow away from the structure.

Sump Pumps
If you have a sump pump, take a few minutes right now and check to make sure it’s operational. You don’t want to discover it needs to be replaced during a torrential downpour.

Get Important Valuables Off the Floor
Sometimes flooding is unavoidable. However, if your property is susceptible to flood damage, getting valuable items and important documents elevated off the basement floor is always a best practice.

If your property has been damaged due to flooding, please call 24 Restore. We are here for you day or night. With five locations across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire, our disaster experts are ready to bring properties back to their pre-loss condition.