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The bedroom is among the most sacred and intimate sections of one’s home. It is widely held that the average person spends about one-third of their life sleeping, most of which obviously takes place in the bedroom. Numerous studies have linked sufficient sleep to improvements in one’s mood, focus, and overall health. Everyone needs their rest and deserves to get a good night’s sleep in the comfort of their bedroom.

Like termites, ants, and rodents, finding bed bugs in your bedroom is a startling and extremely unpleasant discovery. Bed bugs are known to attack one’s skin causing rashes, general itchiness, and discomfort, and can also trigger allergic symptoms.

One of the biggest concerns surrounding bed bugs is that they are usually active at night when most people are sleeping, making their presence often difficult to detect. Another large concern is how easily bed bugs are transmitted. Bed bugs can be transferred from one property to another by simply hiding within articles of clothing or other common household items. 

Bed bugs not only take over your bedroom and home but also your peace of mind. The discovery of bed bugs in your home is an issue that must be dealt with and remediated immediately.

Bed Bug Removal Process

Our specialists will work quickly and efficiently to completely rid your property of bed bugs.  The 24 team uses effective techniques proven to eliminate the presence of bed bugs in your home. Unlike extermination companies, 24 does not use toxic chemicals to remove bed bugs from your property. Instead, we use state-of-the-art thermal pest eradication equipment to safely and effectively remove all bed bugs from your property.

A key advantage in using heat rather than pesticide is that the latter method requires direct contact with the bed bugs, while heat eradication does not. Using pesticides inside your home can pose a serious health threat to you and your loved ones. Additionally, some species of bed bugs are now becoming resistant to pesticide. 

Why Choose 24 Bed Bugs

24 Bed Bugs is the only company that provides both preparation and treatment. Most other companies pay a third party to complete the prep work. We’re proud to be the only full-service bed bug company in New England.

Many other companies are also unfamiliar with the various issues surrounding cross-contamination. Our years of experience dealing with infectious diseases and biohazards allows us to be better equipped to isolate and contain bedbug infestations.

Our tried-and-true methods effectively remove these harmful pests from your home, allowing you to resume a sense of normalcy in your everyday life. As homeowners ourselves, we understand the urgency involved with bed bug removal and will work as quickly as possible to restore your property.

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