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The snow is over (at least for now), but the potential danger to your property is just getting started.
Ice dams, caused by the alternate thawing and re-freezing of snow on your roof, can take hold in your gutters and create standing water which can seep into your home. Damage from ice dams can take place days after a snowstorm. By the time you see water running down your walls, the damage has already been done.
The below diagram shows the threat posed by Ice Dams
Here is what you can do to fight the effects of ice dams:
  • After the snowfall, use a roof rake to clear at least two feet behind your gutters to prevent ice dams.
  • Fill old nylons with calcium chloride (NOT sodium chloride!) and lay them across your gutters. They will melt the ice and safely drain water off your roof.


If your property has been damaged due to the winter weather, please call 24 Restore. We are here for you day or night. With five locations across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire, our disaster experts are ready to bring properties back to their pre-loss condition.