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Our Team

Mike Wiseman
CEO, 24 Trauma

Dan Morse
CEO, 24 Restore

Craig Griffin
President, 24 Construction Group

Cheryl Urbano

Heath Coxall
General Manager

Scott Morse
Director of Emergency Operations

Tom McNally
Field Operations Manager

Ed Lyons
General Manager, 24 Fire

Paul Sheets
Senior Project Manager

Collin Hickox
Digital Marketing Manager

John Nickalus
VP, Sales & Marketing, 24 Restore

Kerry Gilmore
Director of Sales & Marketing, 24 Trauma

Amy Garanin
Director of Sales & Marketing, 24 Restore

Dan Brookes
Director of Sales & Marketing, 24 Restore

Dan Rigol
Sales & Marketing Manager, 24 Restore

Tim Lee
General Manager, NH/ME

Haley Convertino
Sales & Marketing, 24 Trauma

Michael Holleran
Sales & Marketing, 24 Trauma

Lisa Sarcia
Sales & Marketing, 24 Trauma

Bryan Faria
Project Estimator

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